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Capt. Mike is a 3rd generation charter captain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Growing up in the industry, he knows what it takes to make a successful trip.  His 20 plus years as a professional captain ensure you have a worry free day on the water.


Holding a 10,000 ton USCG license, Mike also is an instructor at Delgado Maritime College where he teaches classes on navigation, radar, water survival and more to new captains from around the country.

Boat - Sportsman 247 Masters

Favorite Fish - The one that's biting!

Motto - "Lifetime Memories"

Favorite Bait - The Slick by Pure Flats

3 tips for success - 

  1. Let me worry about the's my job!

  2. Embrace the adventure, it's different everyday.

  3. Don't stress.  I watched a YouTube video on how to do this last night...

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